Trumbull ACE Foundation

We are  pleased to announce that the Foundation is offering competitive  academic  and civic service teams/groups of Trumbull Schools the  opportunity to apply for grants. 

Grant Criteria: 

  • Degree  to which the team/group is well-organized under faculty  supervision with clear objectives and goals that include group  development and individual intellectual growth and skill enhancement. 
  • Extent  of challenge in the team's/group's objectives, e.g., involvement in  competitions with similar teams/groups from other schools.
  • Requested  funding's proportion to the team's/group's full academic year budget  and the educational benefit of the requested expenditure.
  • Degree  to which team/group members (and their families) have personally  participated (or promised to participate) in the Foundation's  fundraising activities. Extent to which the team/group has exhausted  other funding sources.

Funding:  The Foundation reserves the right to fund team/group requests in full,  in part, or not at all. The Foundation's intent is clear; however, to  grant requests to the fullest extent possible. Teams/groups will be  required to return funds to the Foundation if the activity originally  funded is cancelled or otherwise not pursued. Payment will be made upon  approval of the grant and receipt of associated receipts/invoices.

Grant Requests: The Foundation may revise these application guidelines from time to time. 

All  applicants are encouraged to submit grant requests as early in the  school year as possible. In addition, ad hoc grant requests are welcome  as unexpected circumstances dictate and opportunities arise. However,  advisors are asked to provide a reasonable period of time for Foundation  consideration and response before funding is required.